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Glaciator reviewed by

Written by: MadMouse @ 1-9-2010 | 13:13

Quote: “The Glaciator can chill a monster Core i7 up to 3.8GHz comfortably and fits the bill for overclockers and gamers that don’t have the stomach to dish out $1500 bucks for Phase chiller system, for example.” Read the full story

Currently developing: ControlFreak²

Written by: MadMouse @ 21-06-2010 | 9:17

Currently MadMouse is redeveloping the Control Freak pro-gaming MousePad. The revised version will be reintroduced as ControlFreak² and will be updated with the latest technology in Gaming Surfaces. The ControlFreak² will be available as a limited edition MousePad. Keep an eye out for the official release. To be continued

AT gaming & MadMouse sophisticated IT gear

Written by: MadMouse @ 9-7-2010 | 15:27

1+1 = 2, our choice to support AT Gaming in e-sports was that simple! AT Gaming has an executive board with a president, treasurer and a secretary. They make it possible for AT Gaming to practice e-sports with clear rules and boundaries. This way everybody in the association knows what’s what. This executive board is very mature and socially skilled, ingredients that are necessary to have fun. Fun is a critical component in any sport! The coming year AT Gaming will be assured of our support, and we look forward to a long lasting cooperation between AT Gaming and MadMouse. Games that AT Gaming plays: Call of Duty : Modern Warfare, World at War, Modern Warfare 2. Special thanks go to Jaap Visser, who has stayed in close contact with us. More info: Website AT gaming

Habitat™ released

Written by: MadMouse @ 10-06-2010 | 13:04

In the search of creating the perfect MousePad to answer the need for more accuracy and a smoother ride, many months of testing and further developing the Habitat™ MousePad have passed. When the Habitat™ was near to completion, MadMouse found that in the current design the surface was too smooth causing your mouse to slide of the MousePad. This drastically slowed the project down leaving MadMouse determined to find the perfect balance of smoothness and accuracy. Now, after adding some final adjustments, MadMouse is ready to introduce to you a MousePad with a higher standard than ever witnessed before. The MadMouse Habitat™. To insure that you get the gaming experience that you deserve, MadMouse adds his earlier released MouseFeet to the first 100 Habitat™ packages for free! Go to the MadMouse webshop, be one of the first 100 buyers, experience the new higher standard for gaming gear. To apply for the free MouseFeet, please add the productcode of desired MouseFeet to the comments section when ordering.

MadMouse signs Synergy Gaming

Written by: MadMouse @ 20-05-2010 | 12:23

MadMouse is proud to announce to be lead sponsor of the Dutch pro gaming organization Synergy. MadMouse teamed up with Synergy as of 13-05-2010, Synergy attended Fatlan 13 the very next weekend and took home 1st place. Congratulations to Synergy for their first of many victories. MadMouse choose to sponsor Synergy because of their professionalism and devotion to gaming. Synergy will be using our latest products and give us feedback. MadMouse values their feedback and will be using Synergy’s feedback for future products, which will benefit gamers all over the world. We hope that this cooperation will be beneficial to both MadMouse and Synergy in the future. MadMouse wishes Synergy the best of luck.

Currently Developing: Habitat™

Written by: MadMouse @ 14-05-2010 | 12:23

MadMouse is currently developing a new cloth Mousepad with a smoother surface to answer the need of more accuracy and a smoother ride which is needed for high precision aiming while playing games. The Habitat™ will be introduced at an affordable price of € 15,00 which means: improving your gaming skills to a higher level without having to pay the jackpot!

MadMouse back in the scene!

MadMouse sophisticated gaming gear has been working behind the scenes for the last couple of months developing a new higher standard for professional gaming gear. Creating a higher standard for gaming gear requires a higher commitment from MadMouse sophisticated gaming gear to the gamer. Therefore our team of experts have been, together with professional gamers, researching the gamers’ needs to design products that meet every requirement given by the everyday gamer, by you! In the upcoming months MadMouse sophisticated gaming gear will keep on developing new products with higher standards than ever witnessed before in the gaming gear market. Keep a close eye on our web shop and find out what an impact a MadMouse sophisticated gaming gear product can have on your gaming experience!